Who is the most famous landscape architect?

The 10 most influential landscape architects of all timePeter Joseph Lenné (1789-186. Corajoud Michel (1937-201) This is a relatively new field that has only existed for about 150 years. It was first developed in response to the Industrial Revolution, when cities were growing rapidly and more open spaces were needed. Today, landscape architecture is used in many different settings, from busy urban parks to private gardens. André Le Nôtre is known for his work on the Palace of Versailles and its gardens.

He designed a series of terraces, fountains and sculptures that are still used today. Born in Paris, France, in 1613, his passion for garden design came from his father. Jean Le Nôtre was hired by King Louis XIII to look after the Tuileries gardens. Considered by many to be the father of American landscape architecture, Olmsted's most famous urban design is Central Park in New York City.

Completed in 1858, the park covers more than 800 acres and is one of the city's most popular tourist destinations. Calvert Vaux was an English-American landscape architect who is known for his partnership with Frederick Law Olmsted. Together, they designed many of America's most famous public parks, including Central Park in New York City. Capability Brown is considered one of the most famous landscape architects in history.

It was known for its naturalistic landscapes that often used trees and water fountains to create a sense of serenity and beauty. Roberto Burle Marx was a famous Brazilian landscape architect who campaigned to preserve Brazilian rainforests. He was also a painter, set designer and tapestry designer, and used these skills to create truly stunning landscapes. A great example of Burle Marx's work is located on the Copacabana waterfront in Rio de Janeiro, which features beautiful mosaics.

Burle Marx, an avid plant collector, now has more than 50 plants that bear his name. Gertrude Jekyll was a British landscape architect and horticulturist who is renowned for her use of color in garden design. He wrote several books and more than 1,000 magazine articles and his work had a great influence on the Arts and Crafts movement. Gertrude often worked in collaboration with architect Sir Edward Lutyens.

In total, he designed more than 400 beautiful gardens. The bright pink Gertrude Jekyll English shrub rose by David Austin is a fitting homage. One of his most famous works is the National September 11 Memorial in New York City, which has two large swimming pools that are surrounded by trees and plants. William Kent, a British landscape architect, furniture designer and painter of the early 18th century, has left a lasting legacy.

Sometimes known as the father of the English landscape garden, he popularized the natural gardening style. Freeway Park in downtown Seattle is the first park built on a road. Completed in 1976, the park has a series of squares, fountains, squares and trails. As you can see, landscape architecture is a complex and fascinating field with a long history of incredible designs.

These are just a few of the many famous landscape architects who have made significant contributions to rural and urban landscapes. Each one has its own unique style, and everyone has created truly stunning designs. The list includes Frederick Law Olmsted, Jean-Charles Alphand, more. Le Nôtre is best known for its spectacular landscape architecture in Vaux-le-Vicomte and Versailles.

Recent restoration efforts combined ancient and contemporary landscaping methods to return the gardens of Versailles to their original appearance. Landscape architecture is all too often the forgotten profession of the construction industry. It's time for that to change. Plaza Euskadi, Barcelona; image via Balmori Associates.

Kongjian Yu is a Chinese landscape architect and ecological urban planner whose firm Turenscape has pioneered the Sponge City approach. Charles Jencks was an American landscape architect and architectural historian, famous for his unique designs that often incorporate sculptural elements. In the “classroom” that is Epcot, you'll learn how Disney landscape professionals tell elaborate stories through garden beds, shrubs, topiaries and hedges. The acclaimed architect has spent her career focusing on and teaching about the landscape of the urban public sphere and the importance of having climate-ready cities.

Winning some of the most coveted commissions in the last 10 to 15 years, JCFO is a landscape architecture and urban design studio with offices in New York City and London. Jacques' sons, Martin and Peter Wirtz, are also acclaimed landscape architects who continue the family tradition. Grace studied life and earth sciences along with landscape architecture and has worked in landscapes around the world to learn a variety of principles and techniques that she can take back to her home state. To solve this, we have put together a collection of some of the best landscape designers on the planet.

New York-based landscape designer Wambui Ippolito grew up on her grandparents' farm in Kenya's Rift Valley and the daughter of globetrotting diplomats, influencing her current work. GGN provides customers with extensive skill in designing high-use and prominently sculptural landscapes in complex urban contexts. Pamela Burton is the founder and director of Pamela Burton & Company and has more than 40 years of experience in landscape design. The Tehran-born landscape designer is the co-founder of Topophyla, a landscape design firm serving Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

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