Is landscape architecture a dying profession?

Landscape architecture is certainly not dead (or dying), quite the contrary. The social value for the landscape is increasing more and more. Candidates who are interested in taking the exam generally need a degree from an accredited school and experience working under the supervision of a licensed landscape architect, although standards vary by state. A draftsman is a person who converts the finished designs of the landscape designer or civil engineer into technical drawings so that they can be worked on.

Landscape architects can plan the restoration of natural places that were changed by humans or nature, such as wetlands, streams, and mined areas. Landscape architects working on residential design like me can usually make basic mitigation plans, but very often an independent company is hired to handle only the mitigation, view permitting and habitat restoration aspects of the most sensitive projects. The busiest time for a landscape architect is during the work stage, once all the documents are complete and work has started on the site. But, when I come across a company in Los Angeles or Los Angeles with a poor website, I find it very disappointing, as that tends to, in my opinion, degrade our landscape architecture profession.

Those who have a passion for design and are not found in any field can try landscape architecture. For the past 8 to 10 years, I have the feeling that landscape architects are not in demand as before. We had to represent and defend landlords, architects, LA, builders, landscape contractors and anyone else who was involved before regulatory boards like ZBA or Conservation Commissions all the time. Prospective landscape architects can benefit by completing an internship with a landscape architecture company during their educational studies.

This National Landscape Architect Exam MUST assess candidates' design skills, AutoCAD & other computer drawing skills, hand sketching skills, grading skills, graphic skills, creativity, and construction detail skills. See water fountains, landscapes, Italian villas, urban landscapes, various architectures, iconic monuments, etc. When designing outdoor spaces, landscape architects must be able to offer solutions to unforeseen challenges. They are not specifically Landscape Architecture firms, but rather a mix of biologists, landscape architects, people with degrees in landscape architecture and some people with some training in coastal engineering.

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